Hole Fax
  1. Dungans
    Ethnic Chinese Muslim minority living in the fmr. Soviet Union.
  2. D'Angelo
    was supposed to be in the short lived group Lucy Pearl but couldn't quite because "scheduling conflicts"
  3. Tectonic plates
    not sure
  4. Pantelleria Island
    Italian island close to Sicily but also to Tunisia. Could have really gone either way. The weather is colder than what I expected for this time of year in the Mediterranean.
  5. Iran Contra
    Still not sure
  6. Malta
    They drive on the left side of the road, have lots of old bones and artifacts that excite many archaeologists.
  7. New Madrid Zone
    In Missouri, might cause a bad bad earthquake soon because tectonic plates. Did cause a bad earthquake once before. Further research: We are not prepared.