1. "Rodeo drive babbbbbbby" - Kit, Pretty Woman
    When I'm feeling footloose and fancy-free.
  2. "There are signs everywhere !" - Old man, Fools Rush In
    When I'm feeling spiritual on New York City streets.
  3. "I hate uncle Jamie!" - Jamie's nephew, Love Actually
    When I need to check my petulance, or someone else's.
  4. "Old man, if you feed that dog one more bite of my food, I'll kick you till you're dead" - Olivia Dukakis, Moonstruck
    When anyone gives any dog food from their plate.
  5. "My hannnnnnd" - nicholas cage, Moonstruck
    When I bang my hand.
  6. "The sun has gone to bed and so must I" - the young von trapp, Sound of Music
    When I hear a young child sing anything
  7. "I have such doubbbbbbbbts"- Meryl, Doubt
    When I have such doubts.