I'm pretty much a rat savant
  1. The black rat native to US was wiped out by the Norway rat. Guess who brought the Norway rat from Europe on ships?
  2. There's something called rat reservoirs and one of them is located on a corner in east Harlem. hundreds of rats have taken up residence on one single corner.
  3. A lady rat can have up to 12 baby rats in a litter and 7 litters a year. That's 84 rats a year. FROM A SINGLE RAT.
  4. The rat population in nyc is believed to be 2 million. That's a lot less than what heads were saying before - which was one rat per person
  5. In the summer I pretty much see one rat a day on my block.
  6. My friend told me the community garden across the street from my house is probably a rat breeding ground.
  7. Space travel been around for a grip. why are there still rats?