Alaska edition! Thanks @ListPrompts
  1. This is a glimpse of my exciting, rigorous routine from the four months I lived in Anchorage, Alaska, as an unemployed student.
  2. Wake up approx 10-11am
    After going to bed at 3-4am the night before
  3. Contemplate going to class
  4. Skip class
  5. Think about eating food
  6. Remember there is no food to eat
  7. If on campus at all, buy a giant Kit-Kat and beef jerky to serve as my only meal
  8. Hang out in the living room with roommates
  9. Agree not to leave the apartment again today
  10. Play video games until sunset (at approx 3:30pm)
  11. Watch Netflix on tablet for several hours
  12. Get computer out, pretend to do homework while really just browsing Reddit and Facebook
  13. 7pm: brew Sleepytime tea
  14. 8pm: brew Sleepytime tea
  15. 9pm: more video games
  16. Wallow in sorrow at the lack of a microwave or a decent sized TV in the apartment
  17. Tell myself I'm going to bed at midnight
  18. Go to bed at midnight, watch YouTube videos and start a new show on HBO
  19. Finally pass out at 4am