Stories of times I have cried that I now find hilarious
  1. When my sisters and I were really young, our mom got us balloons and took us home from work. 🎈 On the way back, we opened the window ON THE HIGHWAY, counted to three, and let go of our balloons
    I clearly remember us saying "Let go on three! One, two, three!" And purposely letting our balloons out the window into the raging wind. Met with our immediate response of wailing at the top of our lungs.
  2. Recently, I was partying with friends when things took a turn for the worse. Deep in the alcohol at this point, I ended up ugly-crying so hard that I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror to see just how ugly I looked.
    I looked pretty ugly.
  3. About two years ago, I was bedridden over Christmastime. It was a lot to deal with for me, and I watched a lot of TV. I was brought to tears by the Hershey's ad where the Kisses are Christmas Bells.
    My exact thoughts: "They just do this every year 😭😭😭"
  4. A couple summers ago, I took a morning break from work and got McDonald's breakfast. I hadn't had a McGriddle in a long time. So when the bag came out, I could barely contain myself. I cried at the scent of McDonald's Breakfast.
    McDonald's frequently draws an emotional response from me.
  5. Bonus photo of me doing what I do best as a youngster right here!