I love breakfast food. But not all breakfast food is created equal. This is a dangerous game, ranking food that other people like. I accept that.
  1. Pancakes
    For me, the least appealing breakfast food. Often the most rubbery and flavorless, totally reliant on syrup for flavor. Extremely good with butter. This dish earns points for awesome pancake art but nets at last place because of its many demerits.
  2. Fried Eggs
    I prefer my egg to be solid when I eat it. That is all.
  3. Eggs Benedict
    Nothing wrong with these, but the composition of the dish, coupled with hollandaise, is not appealing for me. I know this is controversial. I don't care.
  4. Oatmeal
    This is for those who value nutrition over flavor. Still great with cinnamon but I have yet to eat oatmeal that wasn't made from a bag of dried oats and some water.
  5. Huevos Rancheros
    Has the potential to be delicious. I have yet to experience that.
  6. English Muffin
    Only word for this is "underwhelming." Great with butter and totally underrated; I will maintain that trend by underrating it here.
  7. Waffles
    Pancakes' much fluffier, crispier and more delicious cousin. Full of little pockets to hold your syrup, peanut butter, what have you. And they have the capability of being golden brown, which is a very important factor for me.
  8. Biscuits and Gravy
    Though I rarely eat biscuits and gravy, and never go out of my way to do so, I pleasantly surprise myself by the peppery flavor of sausage gravy, which compliments a biscuit nicely.
  9. Bagels
    Bagels and cream cheese are a match made in heaven. Not to mention some bagels actually have cinnamon and streusel BAKED into them. Not a favorite, but I still consider bagels a treat.
  10. Cereal
    Quintessential. Fast and easy, and often delicious. Current cereal of choice: Fruity Dyno Bites. Would rank higher if it could have meat in it.
  11. Scrambled Eggs
    One of my breakfast staples. I very much enjoy scrambled eggs. Made MUCH more delicious by the addition of cheese.
  12. Omelette
    Hard to rank because of the endless possibilities of stuffing food inside of a folded sheet of egg. Even with nothing inside it is kind of delightful. With the right meat inside and salsa on top, this dish is a breakfast juggernaut.
  13. Bacon
    Bacon, an iconic part of breakfast, is as delicious as it is luxurious. Bacon grease also increases the quality of any breakfast food cooked within.
  14. Hash browns
    The perfect complement to almost any breakfast entree. Best served golden brown and doused in salt, this breakfast food succeeds in being the saltiest, potatoest item on the menu.
  15. Sausage
    Links, patties, ground, beef, pork, tofurkey, serve it to me however you want. I will eat as much sausage as will physically fit inside me.
  16. Breakfast Sandwich (any kind)
    The breakfast sandwich is the pinnacle of breakfast food. Combines the exceeding goodness of baked breakfast foods with the savory delight of eggs, bacon, sausage, whatever! Put some eggs and cheese on a croissant with some sausage and I'm in heaven!
  17. The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese McGriddle
    This is the only excuse I ever make to eat pancakes. This is everything that is good about breakfast. This item is, to me, the physical embodiment of the idea of breakfast; nay, it is exemplary, rather, of very heart of breakfast. Until another item comes along which is so obscenely BREAKFAST that it redefines the meal itself, this will serve as my favorite breakfast food.