I am an innovator and entrepreneur. I have many exceedingly brilliant business ideas. Here are some.
  1. Batter Up
    Pick your food, any food on the menu. Pick your oil, we've got canola, peanut, olive, you name it. Pick your batter, ranges from crispy breading to pancake batter. We fry it for you. Sort of a Chipotle for fried food.
  2. Trendy
    Enormous, three-story storefront. All glass. Enormous, metal sans-serif type reads TRENDY. Large glass double doors. Inside it is all white; a pedestal in the center, a counter in the back. On the pedestal we display one item, which rotates on an interval (daily? Weekly?). That item is "trendy." We sell it for a premium.
  3. A social network in which you share photos and your friends may edit and draw on the photo however they want.
    Details not yet clear. But the changes would be public, and on the photo the user uploaded. Could be a lot of fun, could be very dangerous. We will see.
  4. Secret Menu
    You know McDonald's secret menu? In-n-Out's famously concealed list of extra offerings? This business idea takes secret menus to a whole new level. No official menu is available anywhere. You walk up to the register and guess what we have. The content of the menu is spread strictly by word of mouth. Viral marketing like you've never seen it before.
  5. A build-your-own walk-through omelette restaurant.