: a rambling list.
  1. Change is sometimes very hard to accept
  2. Even if it's a small change
  3. Like when Snapchat stopped publicly showing everyone's best friends
    People actually give Snapchat 1-star reviews because of that.
  4. Sometimes it's bigger
  5. Like the computer system at work
  6. Or even bigger
  7. Like when someone important to you dies
  8. Or when circumstances cause your living situation to change drastically
    For better OR for worse!
  9. But this list is mostly about little changes
  10. Namely, the admittance of lower-case letters (ugh) in list titles
  11. Yeah, okay, maybe I'm still a little bitter.
  12. But I'm gonna take it in stride.
    Because you can't just live as if the change never happened!
  13. Let this list be a declaration of my (belated) endorsement of lower-case letters in list titles!
  14. And any change, positive or otherwise, that the List App team chooses to implement!