I don't know if this already exists. I just made it up so I'm sorry if it's real and I'm just ignorant.
  1. I might need more than just an exhibit for it because it would get pretty big
  2. It would be called "Modern Waste"
  3. There is a coffee shop at the entrance to the exhibit
    Go ahead, buy your cappuccino or whatever.
  4. Many pieces are collections of trash carefully fished from bins around the United States, presented as "art"
  5. Slowly, as you proceed through the exhibit, the installations become more striking.
  6. The art has a less abstract form, the Modern Waste becomes a statement on what is valued in today's society
  7. Items that represent justice and equality (like the scales, for example) are tossed upside-down among heaps of garbage bags
  8. Items representing labor and resolve are scattered among old pizza boxes
  9. Items representing ingenuity and ethics are shredded to pieces, burning visibly in an incinerator
  10. And at the end of the exhibit, YOU contribute to Modern Waste:
  11. An enormous pile of old coffee cups occupies the corner of the room right beside the exit. We're talking a 20-ft high pile.
  12. Remember that coffee you got at the beginning of the exhibit?
  13. Your name is written on the cup. And we will ask you to throw that cup into the pile of other people's cups!
  14. You will leave realizing that you have been stripped of your individuality and you have, in fact, unwittingly become a piece of MODERN WASTE
  15. 🔥☕️😈💥😈☕️🔥