Please don't tell me that "you just haven't had my lasagna." I have. It's all the same. And it's all bad.
  1. Pasta sheets?
    Like, what are those even? The texture, the shape, the nasty way they glisten.
  2. I didn't know there was cottage cheese in it until a year ago?
    Because 1) I went my whole life eating something and not being able to tell which dairy products were in it, and 2) cottage cheese is so nasty!
  3. That extra cheese on top that just sits there?
    A friend described it as scabby and that is the best description I can think of.
  4. Red sauce?
    Not normally bad but somehow awful in lasagna.
  5. Also, how is ground beef so bad when it's in lasagna and so good in everything else?
  6. I can just imagine the layers of meat pasta sliding off one another. So gross.
  7. When I tell people I don't like lasagna, they invite me over and serve lasagna intentionally? Like they're going to convert me or something?