Inspired by @ListPrompts!
  1. Camera equipment
    I deal with camera equipment at my job and I have to seem pretty knowledgeable about it. It gets pretty interesting when people start asking questions about how stuff works.
  2. Psychology
    I took a class in high school once. But I could be a psychologist, really.
  3. Relationships
    Go ahead. Ask for advice. My answer is almost always "get outta there."
  4. Wikileaks
    I read a lot about it on Wikipedia once and promptly forgot all of it. But I will still bring it up in any conversation!
  5. The English language
    Though I haven't taken a proper English class since my mid-teen years, I am an ardent proponent of grammatical accuracy. I actually interrupt people, correcting with "whom" while they're talking. Have I gone too far? I say not far enough.
  6. Social issues
    Name one! I can talk about it for hours with very little understanding of the subject.
  7. Television
    I have what I like to call "objectively good taste" in TV.
  8. What constitutes a "pie"
    Cheesecake is pie! I don't care that it has cake in the name. What cake do you know that has a crust?
  9. When people ask me to do things
    I usually stop listening about halfway through the instructions, say "got it!", then proceed to do that thing completely improvised. I will not ask for help.
  10. Directions
    If I take a wrong turn, I just keep driving until I know where I am again. I will not admit I made a mistake.