What's it gonna be! The anticipation is killing me!
  1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Reunion
  2. As if it could have been anything else!
  3. As a lover of reality drama, this show was a master class in the art of shit-talking, wine-throwing theatricality
  4. @andycohen was there
    As always, he brought a big ass ladle to stir the pot with!
  5. Caroline was there
    Mama bear came to protect her cubs from the big bad Staub wolf!
  6. Jacqueline was there
    Although it was hard to tell if she was actually awake?
  7. And in the red corner:
    Teresa Giudice! Hottest head on the east coast! With smoking guns to match! 💪🏽
  8. In the gold-sequin corner:
  9. The fearsome:
  10. The bone-crushing:
  11. The soul-eating:
    She is the black heart of this blessed series.
  14. Within three(!) minutes, the reunion has taken a turn for the worse
    Teresa somehow managed to turn an innocent question about Jersey Shore into a blunt strike to Danielle's dignity!
  15. Within four minutes, Andy has lost control of the room
    This is a two-hour reunion special! What else is in store? Here are some guesses: hair pulling, rabid dogs, flame throwers, ATV races, a little kid pushing Danielle off a high-dive, at least one wrestling match, a broken aquarium, and probably a lot of torn clothes
  16. And then it devolves into a blur of raw, unadulterated, montage-playing, trash-talking, shade-throwing madness.
  17. UNTIL (a moment of clarity!):
  18. My favorite moment begins with Andy saying "Danielle, you brought something."
    At which point Danielle produced a MANNEQUIN HEAD with a HUMAN WEAVE SEWN INTO IT!
  19. To demonstrate the amount of force required to take out Danielle's weave, she had Andy try to yank the weave off the fake head
    To this day, one of the most hard-hitting, awe-inspiring, revelatory moments I've seen on television.
  20. Other notable moments include (or, "moments I was able to find gifs for", by Collin Cahill)
  21. This saucy interaction
  22. The mocking voice heard 'round the world
  24. And a very disingenuous embrace.
  25. While this reunion is actually chock-full of content, I will stop here because a list has got to end somewhere, ya feel me?
  26. Bonus: