We play a game called "what are the odds." These are a few of the dares which we have actually had to do. All of these happened in a restaurant.
  1. What are the odds you leave your phone number on your check?
  2. What are the odds you pat that guy (two tables over) on the head as you walk past?
    Turned out it was his birthday! Happy birthday!
  3. What are the odds you walk up to a waitress while she's in the kitchen and ask her if she works here?
  4. What are the odds you stand up in the booth, wave your chicken wings in the air, and shout "THESE ARE THE BEST WINGS I'VE EVER HAD!"
    I thought for sure this would be received with cheers and hollers; nay, it just got quiet for a moment and everyone looked at me and went back to eating.
  5. What are the odds you go and sit at the booth with the couple sitting at it?
    @tab_tab had to do this one, and the couple accepted her at the table with such grace!
  6. What are the odds you go one table over and ask if you can have their leftover pizza crust?
    They snatched it up and ate it before she even got an answer!
  7. What are the odds you ask our waiter if he's a virgin?
    This was the ultimate what-are-the-odds. Manifested by her asking "Are you a virgin to this beer?" Later we discovered he is not only married, but has a child!