I read a lot of articles because I am worldly and an intellectual. Here's several that I read and liked recently.
  1. Let Girls Learn (Michelle Obama) - The Atlantic
    Clearly a politically-minded editorial, Obama's article was nonetheless compelling. In it she details her itinerary for an upcoming trip, but more so outlines the numerous challenges to female education. Coming from a country where female education is the norm (not without its own challenges, but that's for another time), seeing the benefits and obstacles clearly spelled out was necessary and staggering.
  2. Grantland is Dead, Long Live Grantland (Adrienne Lafrance) - the Atlantic
    Epsn murdering Grantland is incredibly sad for anybody who reads the internet regularly. I had, however, never thought of the possibility that ESPN could potentially turn off Grantland entirely, making its years of content inaccessible. I'm happy there's people out to preserve the site, but now I'm terrified I'll never be able to read its back catalogue again.
  3. Donald Trump Threatens to Wipe Out What Political Relevance SNL has Left (Dennis Perkins) - Th AV Club
    Not an outright indictment of Lorne Michaels's inexplicable decision to allow Donald Trump to host SNL, this article more shows how untenable the situation is. Trump is clearly a racist--or at very least is pandering to them, which may be enough to be considered one--but he also brings ratings. It's easy to condemn Michaels for the decision, and the cast and writers for not abstaining, but they may be facing pressure from higher ups for the ratings bumps.
  4. Ben Carson: Egyptian Pyramids Built for Grain Storage, Not by Aliens or as Tombs (Nate McDermott and Andrew Kaczynski) - Buzzfeed
    My longstanding (or several month longstanding, anyways) theory that Carson is stealth the craziest candidate in the republican primary is slowing coming true. Carson has posited baffling claims and looney statements and beliefs, but this speech from 1998 absolves the possibility he's competing with trump for media attention; he's actually crazy and dangerous as a political candidate.