Ben Carson recently awakened the country to new possibilities in grain storage. Here's a few other things I thought of that would be cool places to keep all your grain
  1. A BMW or Mercedes
    These are probably the coolest cars you can buy, so why not pack em full of grain?
  2. A penthouse hotel room in Las Vegas like the one in the hangover
    Why sleep in a luxurious hotel room when you can fill it with grain?
  3. An original Pacman machine from the 80s
    Pacman is largely responsible for the modern video game craze. Why not honor his legacy by buying one of those orginal machines and put a bunch of grain in it?
  4. A silo or even a barn
    What better place to put grain than a place made for storing grain?
  5. The Millennium Falcon from the upcoming movie the Force Awakens
    There's a lot of questions about the upcoming Star Wars movie. Is Luke the bad guy? What happens with Chewie? Will C3PO and R2 D2 finally kiss? The Millennium Falcon's smuggling compartments, are they filled with grain? We'll find out all the answers this December!
  6. An old firehouse that's been converted into a cool Gastropub
    Get out of there. It's time for the grain
  7. Buckets
    I find that buckets are the best way to carry water or sand from place to place. Could probably do the same with grain. I'll have to experiment to find out but I think it's worth looking into.
  8. A kangaroo's pouch
    Of course you don't want a bunch of grain in a kangaroo's pouch when there's a Joey (code for baby kangaroo) in there, but when there's not? It's grain time!
  9. Your dead mom's house
    Moving on from a parent's death is one of the hardest things you'll ever do. Until you're ready to root through her house and stir up all those cherished, now bitter sweet memories, her house would make a great place to store your extra grain.
  10. An Pair of New Jordans
    The coolest shoe? Great grain spot