Here's another list of songs I've been really into lately
  1. Overflow - Yawn
    Another Spotify discovery, Yawn is really great indie pop. This is the first song from their 2015 ep "Day Trip."
  2. California, Flesh Without Blood, belly of the beat, and others - Grimes
    I'm still digesting the new grimes album. She's definitely aiming at pop success, much like the weeknd, but I'm not sure if this is the way to go about it. Her last album is perfect, and if given a mainstream push would have broken through. I like how she's experimenting, even as she aims big, but I'm not enough of a grimes fan to hang on even if I don't like the music. I need to listen to this more before deciding how much I like it.
  3. Pretty Pimpin - Kurt Vile
    Even though it's seems like slang use by somebody who doesn't use slang, I really love this song.
  4. Satellite Love - Maritime
    Despite being constructed of members of some of my favorite bands, I've never properly listened to Maritime. They recently released a new album so I'm attempting to get into them. Satellite love is an electronic pop song, but other songs on the album seem informed by the genre, even if they're not outwardly indie pop.