A list of similes about Republican candidates
  1. Donald Trump is like the villain from a disney channel movie trying to shut down the skate park
  2. Ben Carson is like drake
  3. Ted Cruz is like a sad cartoon dog
  4. Carly Fiorini looks like a potential ghost
  5. Marco Rubio is like the guy who asks for extra extra credit opportunities
  6. Bobby Jindall is like come on bro
  7. Jeb Bush is like the guy at a concert trying to sing along but doesn't know the words
  8. Chris Christie is like an espn personality about to get suspended for yelling at people on Twitter
  9. Mike Huckabee is like a diaper left out in the rain
  10. John Kasich is like a tough but fair principal
  11. Rand Paul is like the dorm's weed hook up who eventually makes something out of himself