Some More Comic Books I Like

Not in a specific order, but that's certainly not to say I liked them all the same amount. Although, whatever amount I liked them it's enough to tacitly recommend it to you.
  1. Conversation
    by James Kochalka & Craig Thompson and Jeffery Brown
  2. Sacred Heart
    by Liz Suburbia
  3. Skin
    by Peter Milligan & Brendan McCarthy
  4. Love & Rockets
    by Xaime & Gilber Hernandez
  5. Airboy
    by James Robinson & Greg Hinkle
  6. Curveball
    by Jeremy Sorsese
  7. Paradax
    by Peter Milligan & Brendan McCarthy
  8. The Books of Magic
    by Neil Gaiman & Various
  9. Black Orchid
    by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean
  10. P. Craig Russel's The Jungle Book
    by P. Craig Russell and Rudyrd Kipling
  11. Freakwave
    by Peter Milligan & Brendan McCarthy
  12. Doom Patrol
    by Grant Morrison & Richard Case
  13. Is Man Good?
    by Moebius
  14. Seconds
    by Bryan Lee O'Malley
  15. Tokyo Ghost
    by Rick Remender & Sean Murphy
  16. Deadenders
    by Ed Brubaker & Warren Pleece
  17. Panther
    by Brecht Evens
  18. Pyongyang
    by Guy Delisle
  19. March
    by Nate Powell
  20. Pop Gun War
    by Faryl
  21. Red Rocket 7
    by Mike Allred
  22. Calvin & Hobbes
    by Bill Waterson
  23. The Realist
    by Asaf
  24. Young Avengers
    by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie
  25. Unknown Soldier
    by Joshua Dysart
  26. Hellblazer
    by Various
  27. Tin Tin
    by Hergé
  28. The Other Side
    by Jason Aaron & Cameron Stewart
  29. Invincible
    by Robert Kirkman & Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker
  30. American Vampire
    by Scott Snyder & Raphael Albuquerque; Sean Murphy, Dustin Nguyen, Various
  31. I Killed Adolf Hitler
    by Jason
  32. Bitch Planet
    by Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine DeLandro, Various
  33. Nimona
    by Noelle Stevenson
  34. Batman and Robin
    by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly, Various
  35. Donald Duck
    by Carl Barks
  36. Through the Woods
    by Emily Carroll
  37. The Runaways
    by Brian K. Vaughan
  38. Animal Man
    by Grant Morrison
  39. Murder Mystery
    by P. Craig Russell & Neil Gaiman
  40. Not my Bag
    by Sina Grace
  41. The Invisibles
    by Grant Morrison & Various
  42. Astonishing X-Men
    by Joss Whedon & John Cassaday
  43. American Born Chinese
    By Gene Luen Yang
  44. Ghost World
    by Daniel Clowes
  45. Akira
  46. Franken-Castle
    by Rick Remender & Tony Moore, Roland Boschi, Various
  47. Transmetropolitan
    by Warren Ellis & Derick Robertson
  48. Jupiter's Legacy
    by Mark Millar & Frank Quietly
  49. The Fifth Beatle
  50. 100 Bullets
    by Brian Azarello & Eduardo Risso
  51. New X-Men
    by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly, Various
  52. Big Baby
    by Charles Burns
  53. Black Hand Comics
    by Wes Craig
  54. The Graveyard Book Adaptations
    by P. Craig Russel & Various
  55. Daytripper
    by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba
  56. Fear Agent
    by Rick Remender & Tony Moore and Jerome Opeña
  57. Wolverine & the X-Men
    by Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo
  58. Lumberjanes
    by Noelle Stevenson, Kate Leyh & Various
  59. Lucifer
    by Mike Carey & Peter Gross, Various
  60. Headlopper
    by Andrew Maclean
  61. The Walking Dead
    by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore
  62. Patience
    by Daniel Clowes
  63. All Star Superman
    by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly
  64. Gotham Central
    by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark, Various
  65. FF
    by Matt Fraction & Mike Allred
  66. On a Sunbeam
    by Tillie Walden
  67. Sin Titulo
    by Cameron Stewart
  68. Planetary
    by Warren Ellis & John Cassaday
  69. Satellite Sam
    by Matt Fraction & Howard Chaykin
  70. The Wake
    by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy
  71. New 52 Batman
    by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo
  72. Madman
    by Mike Allred
  73. New 52 Animal Man
    by Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh
  74. We3
    by Grant Morrison & Frank Quietly
  75. Violent Cases
    by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
  76. DC: The New Frontier
    by Darwyn Cooke
  77. Uncanny X-Force
    by Rick Remender & Jerome Opeña, Various
  78. Private Eye
    Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin
  79. Sea of Red
    by Rick Remender & Kieron Dywer
  80. One Soul
    by Ray Fawkes
  81. Before Watchmen: Minutemen/ Silk Spectre
    by Darwyn Cooke/Darwyn Cooke & Amanda Connor
  82. Ed the Happy Clown
  83. Stan and Nan
    by Sarah Lippett
  84. Not Funny Ha-Ha
    by Leah Hayes
  85. Boxers & Saints
    Gene Luen Yang