Some More Comic Books I like (yes there's more)

Not in a specific order, but that's certainly not to say I liked them all the same amount. Although, whatever amount I liked them it's enough to tacitly recommend it to you.
  1. Mister X
    by Dean Motter & Mario, Xaime, and Gabriel Hernandez, Seth, Various
  2. Hellboy
    by Mike Mignola & Various
  3. Airtight Garage
    by Moebius
  4. Last Man
  5. The Unwritten
    by Mike Carey & Peter Gross
  6. Tales of Sand
  7. Preacher
    by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon
  8. Dogs & Water
  9. Low
    by Rick Remender &
  10. Seaguy
    by Grant Morrison & Cameron Stewart
  11. Gloriana: Glen Ganges
  12. Battling Boy
    by Paul Pope
  13. Farmer's Dillema
  14. Essex County
    by Jeff Lemire
  15. The Vision
    by Tom King & Gabriel Hernandez Walta
  16. V for Vendetta
    by Alan Moore
  17. Fantasy Sports
  18. Pride of Baghdad
    by Brian K. Vaughan
  19. Boxers & Saints
    by Gene Luen Yang
  20. Severed
    by Scott Snyder and Scott Tufts
  21. Selina's Big Score
    by Darwyn Cooke
  22. Get a Life
  23. Kinski
    by Gabriel Hardman
  24. Joe the Barbarian
    by Grant Morrison & Sean Murphy
  25. Saga
    by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
  26. The Upturned Stone
    by Scott Hampton
  27. The Heart of the Beast
    by Dean Motter
  28. The Fountain
    by Darren Aronfsky & Kent Williams
  29. Witchcraft
    by James Robinson
  30. Desolation Jones
    by Warren Ellis & J.H. Williams
  31. Harvey Pekar's Cleveland
  32. Wytches
  33. Amazing Screw-On Head
  34. Gotham Central
  35. Boxers & Saints
  36. The Prince of Cats
  37. Ice Haven