1. It was super foggy out. I really like the fog. I haven't noticed it being foggy in quite some time.
  2. There was a spider web on the fence covered in frost and backlit. It would have looked prettier except that I hate spiders with every fiber of my being.
  3. I had green lights the whole way!
  4. The fog was really thick and made it hard to see. Screw fog.
  5. My gym is in a small town that likes to have festivals and parades on a monthly basis. What is normally a 5 minute drive thru town to go home will take 30 minutes today... yay.
  6. There is an ambulance at the apartments across the street from the gym. This is a weekly occurrence, 95% of the time everyone is fine, I'm not too concerned.
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  7. It just occurred to me that out of all the things I listed above. The one I chose to take a photo of was the ambulance in a parking lot. Not the pretty fog or the ugly spider web.