In no particular order/rational reasoning
  1. Lisa Houseman (Dirty Dancing)
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    Her narcissistic attitude and her bad taste in men are minor annoyances compared to her disloyalty to her sister. Though she does sing an impressive note during the song at the end, and she has a hot bod to go along with it, she dances off beat, proving that she. ain't. shit. (Side note: is Dirty Dancing on Netflix?)
  2. Percy Wetmore (The Green Mile)
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    I have never felt more satisfied in my life as I did the first time I watched the scene where he pisses his pants. Also, didn't the dude in real life marry a 16 year old girl?
  3. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)
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    This shouldn't need an explanation.
  4. Peter Pettigrew (Harry Potter)
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    Honestly, I hate Peter Pettigrew more than I hate Umbridge and Voldemort combined. He betrayed his very best friends and was the cause of their deaths. AND THEN asked for forgiveness from those friend's very son! Like what??? I understand he was terrified, but dude come on. Be a rat (as an animal, not like ratting out his friends) (omg I just realized that connection) or be nothing. (Also I'm using a picture of him as a rat because he's more gross as a human)
  5. Kitty Farmer (Donnie Darko)
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    Bitch, I doubt YOUR commitment to Sparkle Motion
  6. Rex Manning (Empire Records)
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  7. Chrissy (Now and Then)
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    Before you ask, yes, both childhood-Chrissy and Rita-Wilson-Chrissy. Yes, she's a good friend, but she is also a lazy person with no filter and says things that her friends should be offended by. Her rules against swearing make me mad enough to sing the word "breaastt" with Roberta every single time I watch it. Go eat your twinkies and leave the work to the rest of the girls, Chrissy. (I can't deny that I love Rita Wilson singing along to Jackson 5's I'll Be There in the beginning of the film)
  8. The Matchmaker (Mulan)
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    Should have just let her eat the cricket.
  9. Dill Harris (To Kill a Mockingbird)
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    This is probably too far-fetched considering he's only 7, but is he not the most obnoxious character? Like we get it, you can read, what do you want a cookie?
  10. Jackal Johnson +friends (Cheetah Girls)
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    Just look at them...