Colleenie Halloweenie
  1. Princess Jasmine
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    If Princess Jasmine was a white five year old from Philadelphia that couldn't smile.
  2. A cheerleader
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    At age 13 I borrowed @heathmurph's high school cheerleading uniform and made this face.
  3. Blake Henderson/Anderson from Workaholics.
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    It's the hair. And if I'm being honest this is a favorite.
  4. Jesse from Toy Story
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    If Jesse from Toy Story grew up, bleached her hair, and got drunk in frat basements.
  5. Rosie the Riveter
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    Another favorite.
  6. A dead Taylor Swift
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    My mom commented on this picture on Facebook "lol now she's never ever getting back together." It was great.
  7. Katy Perry/candy buttons
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    I don't even know but I definitely hated it and had a melt down and almost didn't go out until my roommate yelled at me.