AKA me
  1. She likes causing trouble up in hotel rooms
    What I wouldn't do to have a noise complaint made on me and Harry Styles in a hotel...
  2. She likes having secret little rendevous
    Me! I do!!!
  3. She likes to do the things she knows that she shouldn't do
    I SHOULDN'T have listened to this song on repeat all day yesterday, but I LIKE it, so I DID it.
  4. She likes midnight driving with the windows down
    I'm an adult without a license, so technically I like midnight passenger-seat-riding with the windows down.
  5. She likes going places she can't even pronounce
    Currently in Denmark and trust me, there are street names I can't even pronounce.
  6. She likes to do whatever she's been dreaming about
    Dreaming about Harry...
  7. She likes flashing cameras every time she goes out
    This one I could do without, but I have 20/20 vision so I guess I would manage.
  8. She's looking for someone to write her break up songs about
    UGH bye Taylor