Inspired by @hillary79, who was inspired by @DG and @lexie_elyse and other people, who were all originally inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Before I got married, my initials were CCC and I loved it
    Getting married and choosing to change them to CCH (I kept my middle name and dropped my given last name) was a bit of a bummer but it was the right decision for me.
  2. I have two brothers, one who is 2.5 years older and one who is 4 years younger than me
    I'm quite close with my older brother and his family, and I'm pretty close with my younger brother as well (as much as a 24-year-old single Marine wants to be close with his older sister)
  3. We now have five nieces and two nephews (third nephew on the way!) and I adore them
    I am that auntie who sends random packages and is all about the FaceTime
  4. I played fastpitch softball for eight years
    I was mainly a catcher until my knee gave out and I moved to the outfield. It was glorious and I still miss it ten years later
  5. I send lots of cards, mainly of the birthday variety
    You're welcome, USPS.
  6. We still send Christmas cards every year and our problem this year is that every picture of us includes alcohol, sunglasses, or we're super sweaty from being at Harry Potter World
    Not sure which I am going to go with
  7. From first grade through eighth grade, I had the same lunch almost every day: PBJ (grape, crusts cut off), small bag of Lays potato chips, snack pack of applesauce or peaches, two carrot sticks, and a Hershey Bar.
  8. I grew up in MN in a town that both my parents and both my grandfathers grew up in, but I'll never move back
    The whole "living in a fishbowl" thing just doesn't jive with me
  9. That being said, I do like MN a lot. I wish people understood that it's not a frozen tundra all the time and it actually gets quite hot in the spring/summer
    It's called experiencing all four seasons, y'all!
  10. When I was four, my soccer coach told my parents I needed to "find a new outlet for my energy"
    Aka I was too aggressive as a four year old playing community soccer and he didn't want to deal with me
  11. I got straight A's all through elementary, middle, and high school
    Partially because I knew I could and partially because I was terrified of what my dad would do if I came home with a B
  12. We have been trying to have a baby for over a year now without any luck, so I'm heading to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) in 10 days to see what's wrong
    I go through the five stages of grief about this every few weeks, which is exhausting, so answers are very much welcome at this point. Plus then I can focus my research in one area instead of reading about pregnancy/IVF/adoption all at the same time
  13. Because of this upcoming appt, I've been trying to lose weight because REs are very intense about a woman's BMI when they're working with her
    This is totally not in my favor as I am a short lady with a big ass, but I am down 10lbs and I've lost 3 inches in my waist, so progress is being made!
  14. Sometimes I'd rather watch a movie I've seen five times before than watch something new
  15. I yell at my TV while watching "House Hunters" the way people yell at their TV watching sporting events
  16. One thing I love about getting older is not having to pretend to like someone based on proximity/mutual friends anymore. I spent way too much time doing that in college and I'm over it
  17. I started my Christmas gift planning in September
    And I STILL don't have ideas for everyone
  18. I danced when I was younger and I specifically remember my ballet teacher listing all of the things wrong with my body when I was ten
    Flat feet, bad turnout, short legs, big hips. All of these things are still true
  19. When I took dance, I had this super abnormal fear that if everyone found out that I, a tomboy, took dance, they'd make fun of me, so I kept it an intense secret through most of elementary school
    Further proving that I worried way too much about what people thought of me at an alarmingly early age
  20. My older brother and I also did theatre when we were younger. My Tinker Bell death scene was one for the ages
  21. My mom always dressed me in leggings and a tshirt when I was little (ironically what I wear a lot now) but she bought the leggings with the stirrups and I'd scream and cry until she cut the stirrup loops off of my leggings
    Just being fashion-forward, Mom
  22. I am still given grief for this haircut that I had until second grade
  23. My hometown is the Halloween Capital of the World (I'm completely serious) and I think that has given me an unrealistic expectation for holiday celebrations going forward
  24. If I could eat chips and salsa every day for the rest of my life, I'd die a happy woman
  25. I reread the Harry Potter series at least twice a year
    I feel sad for people who haven't read the books because I truly think they're missing out on something wonderful
  26. We adopted a dog this past January and she passed away in her sleep in March. Her name was Scout and she was a handful, but she was amazing
    They think she had some sort of aneurysm or something since she had just gotten a clear bill of health, but it sucked and it made me wonder whether God just doesn't want me to be a maternal figure to anything
  27. If I can somewhat hear music or a television show from another room or apartment when I am trying to sleep, I lose my mind
    I had to wear ear gear designed for the shooting range at our last apartment to drown out noise from neighbors
  28. I live for ABC Family (screw YOU, Freeform!) and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. One of my favorites is "The Christmas Secret" starring the wonderful Bethany Joy Lenz in a post-One Tree Hill role. I also love anything starring Lacey Chabert
    I really wish they picked more attractive guys though. Shallow? Absolutely. But come on! I know the budget is low, so I'm not expecting great acting; just give me some eye candy
  29. I have watched "Gilmore Girls" the entire series through multiple times and I am baffled by people who think that Dean was a good boyfriend
  30. I have cried multiple times whilst watching "Parks & Rec" and I'm very okay with that
    Not sure if that's what they had in mind, but it happened
  31. Some of my biggest pet peeves of roommates and my husband are leaving dishes in the sink (the dishwasher is right there! Fucking load them!), leaving closet doors open, and leaving lights on when you leave a room
    Clearly I am channeling my Midwestern roots here
  32. My heritage is mainly Irish and Scottish, with some solid Czechoslovakian thrown in there
    My family is specifically from the Bohemian part of the country, which always amuses me when I hear about bohemian clothing trends or something
  33. My celebrity crush list is loooong and I'm okay with that
    Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan, Bryan Greenberg, Milo Ventimiglia, Leslie Odom Jr, the list goes on... what can I say? I appreciate people
  34. There is something about both me and my older brother that makes strangers talk to us about anything and everything
    I constantly have people strike up conversations with me at the grocery store and the same thing happens to him. We can't figure out how to use this power for good
  35. I love Disney movies. I buy them whenever they "come out of the vault" because I'm terrified that they will somehow be gone by the time that I have kids and then they'll miss out on the original "101 Dalmatians"
    I should know better, given the marketing giant that is Disney, but still, I prepare
  36. According to Pottermore, I'm a Ravenclaw.
  37. According to Buzzfeed's hybrid house quiz, I'm a Ravenclaw/Gryffindor.
  38. I hold a grudge like you WOULD NOT BELIEVE
    It is not one of my finer qualities and I am working hard to be better and give people second chances when they deserve it
  39. I'm fiercely loyal to my family (that I like) and my friends
    I have been told that I am scary when someone is insulting or hurting someone I love. I'm very proud of that
  40. I've been struggling a bit lately with the whole "I'm probably barren" thing in addition to the "I can't find a job" thing and my self-worth
    I know I still have value, like I know that, but I just feel weird and it's a slightly dark place
  41. Stereotypes about military spouses make my blood boil
  42. The funniest question I have been asked about being a military spouse was if I get to go on the submarine with him when he deploys
    My dental hygienist asked that yesterday and I wanted to die
  43. I dated a guy in high school who was addicted to porn (very interesting to experience as a seventeen year old girl) and I also dated a guy who had been homeschooled by his completely inept mother from third grade through sophomore year
    The dating pool was SO small in my town once you removed my cousins
  44. I did the TV news announcements in high school and I loved it
    We shot this Blues Brothers themed opening credits that I hope they still use
  45. One of the best compliments I ever received was from my high school health teacher/football coach. I was his TA and after talking to a difficult girl, he said, "I think it's really great that you are so nice to Rachel when I know that she drives you insane."
    I should probably remember that more, given my low tolerance for other people's stupidity
  46. I made a girl cry when I worked as a business analyst for Target
    She didn't tell me when the shipment got held up in customs, so I found out late from someone else, which then fucked things up for me, which I did not like, especially since that bitch said things were fine. She was such a joke. I don't feel bad about it.
  47. I like when li.sts feature GIFs or pictures or when they're just words. I really don't care
  48. I pronounce it "GIF", not "JIF" because I'm not talking about peanut butter
    Don't try to tell me otherwise because I will not listen to you
  49. My husband and I built a deck this summer and I'm still really proud of it
  50. When I was younger, I thought that my (Catholic) godmother was the same as a fairy godmother, so I called her Fairy Godmother for awhile and my dad got irrationally mad about it
  51. (Holy shit, this was way harder than I thought)