A Running List Of Things We Have Said Multiple Times During This Trip

We are in the midst of our big European trip (Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Florence, and Rome) and I need to keep track of the weird and stupid shit we say. What better place to do that than here?
  1. "Want to grab a beer?" (Berlin and Prague)
  2. "Oh my God, I'm so full!" (Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Florence, and Rome)
    I lost 25lbs before this trip and I am slightly terrified to see how much I have gained back when we get home
  3. "Yesssss, this place has an English menu!" (Berlin)
  4. "Man, I'm really glad we went there/did that, but it was really depressing." (Berlin)
  5. "I love $2 beer." (Prague)
  6. "I can't stop looking at all of the gorgeous buildings." (Prague)
  7. "The map says go this way!" (Berlin and Prague)
  8. "Come on, we can't be those Americans." (Berlin and Prague)
  9. "I've broken 20,000 steps today and it's not even 5pm." (Berlin and Prague)
  10. "Holy tourists, Batman!" (Berlin and Prague)
  11. "Oh my God, that's so cheap!" (Prague)
  12. "Paying 20 cents to go to the bathroom was totally worth it." (Prague)
  13. "Come on, people! Let's move!" (Prague, when stuck behind hordes of tourists)
  14. "Is there any way we can move here when Navy life is done?" (Prague)
  15. "Purple toilet paper!!!" (Vienna)
  16. "I could really do without that shelf in the toilet that displays your poop." (Vienna)
  17. "That guy next to me on the train totally bathed in AXE body spray before he left his house this morning." (Berlin, Prague, and Vienna)
  18. "After this trip, my feet will never be the same." (Vienna)
    I might need new ones.
  19. "It is so fucking hot." (Vienna and Florence)
    I don't think I have ever sweat this much in my life.
  20. "So apparently people don't believe in lines here." (Florence and Rome)
    We went to hear the Angelus today and while the whole event is fairly organized, people gave zero fucks and just walked up to the front of the gate and created major traffic jams. Not fun.
  21. "I can't believe you're here!"
    Someone called my name at the Pantheon and I turned around to find my friend/former roommate and her new husband! We lived together in Mpls before I got married. We are still good friends but we're the ones that don't talk a ton and then pick up right where we left off. We got to go on a double date to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill! Sometimes the world is pleasantly small 😊
  22. "Raspberry and lemon gelato is the best combo!" "No, cafe and dark chocolate is better!" (Rome)
    We had some feelings about our gelato choices this trip. Surprisingly, I went fruity vs. chocolaty. I blame the heat.