Inspired by @abr32
  1. Fencing
    I freaking loved this class. I'm short, so I am a small target, and I'm feisty. It was wonderful. (My university had a gym class requirement so you had a ton of options to pick from).
  2. International Marketing
    I mean, it makes sense because I was a marketing major, but it was the biggest joke of a class. The prof was a bitch. She showed us documentaries of Poland without subtitles so none of us had any idea what was going on, and then she'd complain about us to her other class. So bizarre and unprofessional.
  3. Latin Dance
    Totally got a boyfriend out of this class 💃🏻(And yes, this was another gym class section).
  4. Guitar I
    Me and three grad students with a delightfully hippie prof who wanted us to "feel the notes."
  5. Death and Dying
    Easily the most interesting Philosophy class I could have taken. The prof was like Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons," only insanely smart and a bit combative. It was all about the death penalty, Terri Schiavo, life support, the brain stem functions, etc. I truly enjoyed this class and it was such an awesome change from dry marketing classes.