There will probably be multiples of this list because I am a huge fan of the Olympics
  1. Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay Gold Medal
    Bringing this gold back to the U.S. after all the drama of past years? Fuck yes.
  2. Lily King shaking her finger at Yulia Efimova (who wagged her finger after winning her heat), finishing first in her heat, and then calling Efimova out AGAIN
    Background: Efimova served a suspension for doping and then got caught again but appealed the decision and was allowed to compete based on a technicality. Then this doping wench had the balls to wag her finger like she's some badass? Oh hell no. King called her out and I'm thrilled.
  3. Flavia Saraiva on balance beam
    This little sixteen-year-old nugget from Brazil did an absolutely badass routine in balance beam and everyone was so happy and she's just so talented and tiny and I loved it
  4. Ibtihaj Muhammed winning her first bout
    SUPER INTENSE MATCH. They were tied like six different times. She's so talented and such a hard worker and just what a fucking moment, you know? She lost her second bout but I don't care, she's awesome.
  5. Katie Ledecky winning a gold medal and shattering her WR in the 400m freestyle
    She's 19. NINETEEN. I always feel so unaccomplished when I watch the Olympics but I don't even care with this girl because she is a stud. The best part? Her interview after was so nonchalant. She was like, "Yeah, I felt good all day and my warmup went well, so yup, check this off the list. It was good."
  6. Cody Miller being fucking pumped about his bronze medal finish in the men's 100m breaststroke
    This guy! He's 5'11" which is so short for a swimmer and he wasn't a favorite at all, but he eeked out a bronze medal finish and was just as excited (if not more so) than the gold medal winner. Why isn't everyone this excited when they win a medal? Incredible.