1. A few students having a photo shoot in the produce section of the local Kroger
    They weren't speaking English so I have no idea what they were saying but they seemed super excited about the mountain of Honeycrisp apples (I don't blame them; I often feel the same way).
  2. A drunk kid pick up his Jimmy John's and then promptly crash his bicycle into my friend's parked car
    It was less funny when we realized that he actually scratched the crap out of the fresh paint job, but he dropped his chips so we ate them to feel better
  3. A student stealing a life-size cutout of The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Mexican restaurant and half the staff chasing after him
    They got the little fucker. It was great.
  4. Two drunk girls fight over who was classier outside the bathroom on St. Patrick's Day
    I don't even feel like I need to add any details to this one.
  5. A neighbor woke up to find a drunk kid passed out on his lawn, so he sprayed him with the hose
    He checked to make sure the kid was breathing before doing so; what a responsible adult!