FaceTime is the best
  1. "Pa-sghetti and cupcakes"
    Listening to him mispronounce things makes my heart grow three sizes too big
  2. Fidget Spinners
    Ugh. I blame his cousins.
  3. A giant cardboard cutout of Goldy Gopher
    It's huge, like it belongs out on the lawn
  4. A Philadelphia Eagles mascot doll
    I asked if the mascot could catch the football with his wings and he thought this was the funniest question ever
  5. A Zach Parise hockey sweater
    He has really good taste in hockey players
  6. Whiteboards
    One travel-sized, one giant wall one. Apparently he likes to pretend to be a meteorologist and sports anchor every night before bed; he goes through the weather report and a sports recap with my brother, so he needs the whiteboard "for work."
  7. He's also going to a camp this week where they learn about putting on a play. They're going to "perform" Beauty and the Beast (aka sing some songs from it) and each kid gets to pick their role. So there is a Chip, a Beast, my nephew wants to be Gaston, and there are ten Belles 😂
    He's going to wear a red shirt and boots and flex his muscles the whole time
  8. Kids, man. I am always instantly in a better mood after interacting with this goober