Inspired by @angela3950
  1. It's really boring.
  2. Colls is a nickname, first bestowed on me by my (fairy) godmother who is one of my most favorite people.
  3. It was continued by some truly dear friends in college.
  4. Remember in middle school how you always had "your" number? Or was that just me?
  5. I was in 6th grade and we were picking out our uniforms for volleyball.
  6. Of course the way that the uniforms are made, the higher the number on the back, the bigger the size.
  7. I needed a bigger size since I hit my growth spurt before everyone else (is anyone else a part of the "I haven't grown since 4th grade" club? Just me? Cool.)
  8. So while all my tiny bitch friends were number 2 or 5, I was number 39.
  9. For whatever reason, I dug it. I think the nerd in me liked that 3x3=9 and so on.
  10. So that's always been "my" number and I use it for passwords and usernames quite a lot.
  11. Sooooo.... that's all I've got.
  12. Here is a weird picture of me and the husband while we're at the Vatican to make up for you reading this.
    And yes, my husband paid 8 Euros for that hat and it came all the way back across the Atlantic with us.