1. I am a fall baby (yay October!) and one benefit to that has been having my birthday earlier in the school year than other friends. I got my permit first, my license first, and I turned twenty-one before most of them as well.
  2. The twenty-first birthday was obviously a huge deal, and when a close friend finally joined me in the club of legal drinkers, I was eager to help them celebrate
  3. My friend Tony turned twenty-one a week after I did, and since my birthday had taken place over fall break, he said that I should pretend his birthday was also my birthday
    Thus, the events of this night are very fuzzy
  4. I walked over to Tony's dorm room with two girls I knew from my dorm for the traditional pregame before heading out to the bars
  5. I walk into Tony's room full of dudes, see the boy whom I will one day marry, and I utter the alluring words...
  6. "Who the fuck are you?"
    I have no recollection of this, but my husband swears up and down that these were my first words to him
  7. We pregame in Tony's room until midnight has passed and Tony is officially legal (cue "one of us!" chant) and we head to the bars
  8. I should also mention at this point that my husband-to-be was on the mend from breaking his ankle months prior. His drunk friend was wandering around in the street, a cab was about to hit him, and my husband got him to safety but absolutely shattered his ankle in the process.
    He was finally off of crutches, but he had a pronounced limp and still had a motorized scooter to ride around campus 😂
  9. If my husband's version of events is to be believed, we got drunk and I "pounced on him like a lion does a wounded gazelle" and we were that couple making out at a bar
    He was a willing participant and he knows it
  10. I have lots of pictures from this night but few memories
  11. Anyway, we make it back to campus and all go our separate ways. My roommate's boyfriend was sleeping over so I slept on a friend's futon in their common room
  12. At some point in the night, I must have given him my number, because the next morning I woke up to like three texts from him which consisted of Pat Green lyrics, whom I guess we had discussed that night 🤔
    He's a country singer that has a huge following in Texas but isn't as well known around the rest of the country
  13. The next day, I bring Gatorade and saltines to Tony, who is basically near death in his room with the shades drawn and lights off
    He skipped all of his classes that day and didn't return to normal Tony status for days
  14. I don't see husband that day, but he makes sure to join Tony later that week when he comes with a group of us to Club Fever ("The Hottest Club in South Bend, Indiana") for Halloween
    I was dressed as Minnie Mouse and he was dressed as Dr. House, complete with a cane for his ankle and his Vicodin bottle in his pocket
  15. Another DFMO ensues that night (dance floor make out) and then we go our separate ways again, only to text constantly the following day and hang out (sober!) that weekend
  16. And from then on, we were together and that was it. There was never any drama about it, which was incredibly refreshing after past relationships. He pursued me (which was a first for me and felt amazing), he was enormously kind to my friends, and he was always there when he said he would be.
    Plus he was a stone cold fox as well, so that greatly helped the situation.
  17. We dated junior and senior year of college, did some long-distance dating courtesy of the Navy, and then us babies got married when we were 24 years old
    Young? Definitely. Too young? Nah.
  18. Tony was a reader at our wedding and got a special shoutout during the toasts. He claims that our firstborn son will be named after him, but the jury is still out on that one
    He initially claimed our (yet-to-exist) firstborn as his godchild, but we reminded him that we have five brothers between the two of us, so he settled for an honor name 😂
  19. The lesson of this story: DFMOs can lead to marriage