Inspired by @kaydbug89
  1. Short
  2. Hangry
  3. Surprisingly affectionate, given my upbringing
  4. Loyal
  5. Minnesota girl aka very Midwestern
  6. Stubborn, but working on picking my battles
  7. Blunt
  8. Sarcastic, but working on not using it all the time
  9. Irish
  10. Catholic, but not in agreement with everything the Church says/does
  11. Wannabe-mother
  12. Potentially barren
  13. Non-stereotypical military spouse
  14. Anxious
  15. Intelligent, but not as much as people think I actually am
  16. Devoted auntie
  17. Wishing I had the answers
  18. Lover of chips and salsa
  19. Artistic, but not enough to open my own Etsy shop or something, despite my husband's urging
  20. HGTV fiend
  21. Fiercely protective
  22. Lover of Disney and Pixar movies
  23. Misophonic
  24. Hater of repeating myself
  25. Newly-converted GoT watcher
    I still don't think it's OMG AMAZING, but I'm entertained when we watch it, especially episodes like this week.
  26. Southwest Rapid Rewards member
  27. Heavy drinker while staying with in-laws
  28. 25 lbs lighter than I used to be 👍🏼
  29. Tired