In honor of our third anniversary today, I thought I would share this. Background: my husband and I met fall of our junior year of college, started dating a few days after we met, and we've been together ever since. He was in ROTC so he immediately went off to nuclear power school and submarine school after we graduated.
  1. I went to spend the weekend with him in Charleston before he moved to Saratoga Springs, NY
  2. It was a last minute visit, so we didn't have any big plans
    Eating, drinking, canoodling, the usual.
  3. I arrived late Thursday night and on Friday morning, I asked if I could borrow his laptop to make sure my out-of-office email auto-response was on.
    This is important, hence the all caps.
  5. I open his laptop and he had left two browsers open
  6. Browser #1: Confirmation email from a jeweler for an engagement ring
  7. Browser #2: a Google search for "ideas for proposing in Charleston SC"
  8. I didn't know what to do, so I just left the windows open, checked my email, and closed the laptop
  9. An hour later, he opened his laptop, looked at me as I determinedly avoided eye contact, and neither of us said anything
    I'm Irish Catholic so I was raised to not talk about feelings, especially awkward ones
  10. So the day goes by and he doesn't propose, and I'm freaking out inside. I texted my best friend and she was like, "Listen, he may just hold on to the ring, maybe he's waiting for another moment; don't expect him to do it, just go with the flow."
    Wise words.
  11. So then Saturday night, we go out to dinner in downtown Charleston to some fancy steak place we were both pumped about. Then the plan was to walk off dinner before going to Kaminsky's Dessert Bar for deliciousness
  12. We walk down to the boardwalk and sit on a bench swing... And we sit there... And we sit there....
  13. And finally I'm like, "Hey, can we go? I really want chocolate cake and this is kind of boring."
  14. He just laughs at me and is like, "Yeah, let's go. But you have to give me a kiss before we go get dessert."
  15. I roll my eyes, call him a loser, give him a kiss, and turn around to get my stuff.
  16. When I turn back around, he's down on one knee with the ring out and he's like, "You also have to agree to be my wife first."
  17. Giphy
  18. So I said yes, we kissed, I stared at the ring (he picked out a great one), found out that he had told my roommate (so he could get my ring size), and that he had called my parents while I was in the shower before dinner to get their blessing.
  19. And that's how we got engaged
  20. I maintain that it's one of the best proposal stories ever, mainly because he never actually asked me to marry him. He said I needed to marry him if I wanted chocolate cake. AND IT WORKED.