1. My mom and dad start packing up the food at the party before everyone is done eating (they are terrible hosts)
    My aunt was so annoyed this year that she dug the meatballs back out of the fridge and started eating them out of the container. Bless that woman.
  2. Politics is discussed with my dad's side
    All of the siblings are Democrats, half of them married Republicans, and some of them produced the most conservative twentysomethings I know. It stayed civil this year, thank God
  3. We all quietly watch a Christmas movie and my dad randomly says, "Anyway! ..." to restart the conversation even though we were all comfortable in the quiet
  4. Cheesy potatoes with crushed corn flakes on top are on the table
    So Midwestern, so delicious
  5. We tell the story about how my then 25-year-old cousin threw a massive tantrum because my then 15-year-old brother ate all six of the Christmas tree cookies and she didn't get to eat one
  6. My dad tries to make us list the Christmas ornaments and nutcrackers we want when he dies
    Cuz that's what I want to do at Christmas
  7. My older brother and his wife stay away from the entire festivity with their children, and we go over to their house to recap the entire thing
    My parents are pretty terrible to my SIL (and to my brother for that matter), so my brother is very careful about spending time with them. Somehow my parents don't realize that they have also negatively impact their relationship with me by treating my brother so poorly; they don't get the connection 😒
  8. We discuss my uncle John, who really deserves a li.st of his own
    He's an "actor", weed enthusiast, and one of the oddest men I know
  9. My mom makes me repeat any story I told over Christmas Eve dinner with the immediate family to the aunts and uncles at Christmas the next day
  10. I drink a wee bit too much to get through the day without hurting someone
    Super healthy coping mechanism
  11. I tell my husband that we're going to leave soon, and forty five minutes later, we're still there