My 5 Most Hated Sport Teams

Inspired by @andersun and @BWN_7 (also if this list doesn't make it abundantly clear that I grew up in Minnesota and went to Notre Dame, I don't know what will)
  1. USC Trojans
    They are just the fucking worst. Conceited cheaters who can count one of the most famous murderers of all time as one of their most celebrated players. They disgust me. And don't even get me started on their fans.
  2. Chicago White Sox
    As a lifelong Minnesota Twins fan, these guys have caused me some mental anguish over the years. It didn't help when AJ Pierzynski, my favorite Twin, was traded to them and turned into a giant (or more public) asshole.
  3. Dallas Stars
    They were the Minnesota Northstars before the team got sold to Dallas. Don't even get me started on the fact that Texas doesn't even have a real Winter and they probably don't even know what hockey is. But they had to take a team from Minnesota, the State of Hockey?!? Also they yell "Home of the STARS" instead of "Home of the brave" during the National Anthem like complete douchenozzles. Fuck the Stars.
  4. Chicago Blackhawks
    Le ugh. I'm not sure if I hate them because of who they are or because of how fucking obnoxious all of their bandwagon fans are. Give me a break, people. All I know is that the Wild is ten times the team that these punks are.
  5. University of Miami Hurricanes
    Catholics vs. Convicts. Just an all-around pathetic group of people. This rivalry has quieted over the years, especially compared to the 80's, but when we played them five years ago in Chicago, their fans were so abhorrent (think a grown man in loafers taking my hot chocolate out of my hands and throwing it at me as I walked by him) that my hatred was renewed. What losers.