My Favorite Ornaments on Our Tree

  1. Hawaiian Family Ornament
    We got this in Hawaii for our first married Christmas. I'm obsessed with this ornament and I would grab it if our house was on fire.
  2. Bacon Ornament
    My husband told my family that he liked bacon. That Christmas, he got a bacon cookbook, bacon socks, and this Ornament 😂
  3. Santa's Workshop Ornament
    This one belonged to my grandma, who passed away last year. It broke and I "repaired" it and I clearly need to do a better job
  4. Pineapple Ornament
    Another one from the Hawaii days. It brings me a weird amount of joy to see this on our tree.
  5. Cowboy Boots Ornament
    My husband grew up in Texas, hence the boots. It's a tradition on my dad's side for godparents to get their godchildren Christmas ornaments when they are out of college, so Ted got this one from Fairy Godmother since he is her "godson-in-law" 😊
  6. Surfboard Ornament
    In case you couldn't tell, we really enjoyed our time in Hawaii
  7. Surfer Santa Ornament
    See above
  8. Donkey Ornament
    I don't even know if I can explain this one. I worked in the Christmas department at Target and this was one of our ornaments. For some reason, we named her Teri and gave her this whole weird backstory. I worked with the best people there and Teri always reminds me of those wonderful weirdos
  9. Nativity Scene Ornament
    This is actually made of gingerbread! My godmother got this for us last Christmas when they were abroad (I wish I remembered where, maybe the Czech Republic?) It smells amazing and it's so special
  10. Candy Cane Ornament
    This one is part of a series; they make a new candy cane every year and we have all of them, going back to 1980. My dad has been collecting them for each of us kids since we were born
  11. Charlie Brown Crystal Ornament
    I LOVE Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang. It's just... ugh. It's perfection.
  12. Leg Lamp Ornament
    It's FRAGILE!