1. Babysitter
    So many children. So many diapers. I loved it.
  2. Office Worker
    At the local pool. Occasionally I got to sit on the top of the slide and tell people when they could go. I also occasionally got drunk on power.
  3. Lifeguard
    Seriously, encourage your kids to be lifeguards in high school/college. You get great training and you make way more than you would at basically any other high school job. Plus you get to be outside (hopefully). Best summer job ever.
  4. Marketing Staff
    I worked at the bar/restaurant//club on campus at my school promoting various events. I got to meet some fun acts (Matisyahu, Carbon Leaf (delightful group of guys), Eric Hutchinson, Tim Stopulus, Ben Lee) and it was fun to try and get people to come, but it was also draining and slightly embarrassing to force fliers/free stuff on people to come to events. Dueling Pianos and Hip Hop Night were always the most popular, no matter what.
  5. Intern
    At Target Headquarters in Minneapolis. Worked in the Ready-To-Wear department that focused on guest lines (Liberty of London, William Rast, Mossimo, etc). I didn't screw up so they offered me a job after graduation, yippee!
  6. Career Assistant
    One of my favorite jobs. I worked in the career center of my university during the school year. I updated job postings, was the go-between for career counsellors and recruiters, and worked the career fairs we had each semester. I also answered phones, which introduced me to the world of helicopter parents 😳 Also finance majors were THE WORST to deal with before their interviews.
  7. Business Analyst
    Back to Target after graduation. I worked as a business analyst, which means I managed inventory and worked with a buyer who decided what the product was and what it looked like. I started training in the Cards & Party department (I was yo girl for the paper plates/napkins/etc) and eventually moved over to the Christmas department (I know more about artificial Christmas trees than I ever thought possible). The Christmas dept was THE best.