Today is my 28th birthday 🎉 I just opened my gifts from him and immediately thought, "Oh my God, listers need to see this shit."
  1. So first off, I have to say that I told him not to get me anything.
  2. This man already took me to New Orleans AND Harry Potter World this year
    My cup runneth over
  3. I told him that all I wanted was a card (I love stationery) and Mexican food for dinner
    I'm a simple woman with simple needs
  4. So he came home from work today, bearing these lovelies
    I'm a sucker for flowers
  5. And then he scurried off to the garage with some packages that arrived today to put them all in a gift bag
  6. First, the card
    We are both obsessed with breakfast foods, so this is perfect
  7. Apparently he didn't like what was originally written on the inside, so he "fixed" it 😍
  8. Heart is already melting
  9. Then I get to the gift bag
  10. I pull this out and die laughing
    I am all about coloring books and hot men
  11. You guys....
  12. This thing is gold
  13. Solid gold
    I may have to write a when I've colored them all
  14. Then it gets better.
  15. Thank you, husband's Amazon sleuthing skills!
  16. I want to send these to so many people
  17. I mean...
  18. ... it's perfect
  19. And then there are some solid "backup gifts" as he called them
  20. He knows me well
  21. And then, the gift that will change my life as I know it
  22. It's a garlic peeler and roller
  23. You put unpeeled garlic in the black thing, roll it around, and the nubs inside peel everything off
  24. Then you put the garlic cloves underneath the silver thing and rock it back and forth
  25. It chops up all of the garlic and then you just slide it into whatever you're cooking
  26. I have been dreaming about a contraption like this for years
  27. And this guy brought it to me
  28. Guys, I married SO well
    It's unbelievable
  29. And now, I'm off to the local Mexican joint for some solid southwestern Ohio Mexican food
  30. Life is good, y'all