Inspired by @BrentMWiggins, @potus, @hnj, etc.
  1. Colleeners
    My uncles on my mom's side always called me this. Hell, they still call me this. Not particularly inventive but it's said with a lot of love, so I am a fan.
  2. Coll/Colls
    My (fairy) godmother started this nickname and my college friends actually caught on to it. I freaking love it. I have no idea why; it's just the first syllable of my name. But I totally dig it.
  3. Lassie
    My friend's grandpa always called me this. I did not appreciate it since I immediately thought of the dog, but he always attributed it to me being "a wee Irish lass."
  4. Icebox
    I went to camp one summer and they showed "Little Giants" on the first night. One of my counselors mentioned how much I looked like Becky "Icebox" O'Shea and it caught on. No one at camp knew my real name until the last day. It's basically the most famous I will ever get and I am comfortable with that.
  5. Queen/Keen
    All my little cousins or kids I taught in swim lessons couldn't pronounce Colleen, so it changed to Keen and, when possible, I taught them to call me Queen. The disgusted/confused look on the parents' faces when they heard their kids call me that was completely worth it.