I love a good li.st prompt
  1. The number of times I swore, with a breakdown for each word and also my age at peak usage
  2. The dish I cooked for our family the most
  3. The number of times I ate Domino's pizza
    Preparing to be horrified
  4. The number of times I watched Sixteen Candles
  5. The number of loads of laundry I did
  6. The number of times I had blood drawn
  7. The number of pills I took for fertility-related purposes
    I'm currently on an eleven pills a day thing, which is not fun
  8. The number of times I watched The Goonies
  9. The number of times my husband and I did our super secret signal to each other
  10. The number of weddings I attended
    I've already lost count
  11. My number of kills
  12. The number of days that I didn't leave the house
  13. The number of hours I spent in school
  14. The number of murderers that I crossed paths with
  15. The number of times my parents showed affection towards me
    I'm guessing single digits on this one
  16. The number of times I had to explain that I was joking
  17. The amount of money I have spent on our nieces and nephews
    I type this as I am also purchasing a new onesie for future nephew online
  18. The amount of time spent on Instagram, li.st, Facebook, Reddit, etc.
  19. Total number of steps taken
  20. Number of bugs ingested in my sleep
  21. Time spent on the toilet scrolling through my phone
  22. Total amount of time spent with the husband and total amount of time spent apart
    We used to keep track of this; it's a military thing
  23. Amount of time, in minutes, that I spent being happy
  24. Average length of time it took my husband to actually do something I asked him to do
    I love him dearly, but it's just not his strong suit
  25. Number of people that would say they're better for having known me