I am adulting SO HARD this week!
  1. Insurance company
    I'm a military wife therefore my insurance covers almost everything, but the process is completely convoluted and infuriating.
  2. Doctor's office
    I have called (twice!) to explain the referral process to them (non-military town = zero familiarity with Tricare and its ways, not their fault) but I'm thinking that a third call will be necessary on Monday 😕
  3. Car mechanics
    I called multiple shops to get quotes on an oil change and tire rotation. So uncomfortable but so necessary.
  4. Plumber
    This man is my new favorite person. He called me back within five minutes and scheduled an appt for Monday. Love the Dude! (His name is Dude. "Big Lebowski" references will be abundant).
  5. Handyman
    Crown molding WILL be installed by the time Husband comes home from Navy adventures.
  6. My parents
    Weird relationship. Very very very weird and awkward. But I did the good-child phone call to see how they're doing. Chalk that one up in the victory column.