Inspired by all you cool cats posting li.sts like these
  1. Because I was raised in a very Irish Catholic family
  2. Because I grew up in a town where my cousin was the police chief, a great-uncle was the sheriff, my grandpa was the judge, and my mom was a prosecutor
  3. Because I was reading Baby-Sitters Club books at the age of six
  4. Because I never had a single talk about drugs, alcohol, or sex with my parents. Ever.
  5. Because I was very unhappy at home so I became extremely close with my friends' families so I could feel at home with them
  6. Because I am very good at a variety of things, but not GREAT at them, so I am soaked in mediocrity
  7. Because I married a guy who is absolutely incredible and who is the best partner I could have asked for
  8. Because being a military wife has made it very hard for me to find a job so I have waaaay too much free time
  9. Because I grew up in the Midwest and have issues about spending money
  10. Because whenever I was sassy, my parents would laugh instead of being like "Hey, it's great to stand up for yourself, but don't be a bitch."
  11. Because my dad put his dad's wishes ahead of anyone else's (my mom, his siblings, etc) which completely changed his relationships with those people
  12. Because my baby-sitter watched soap operas all day and did not distract me or change the channel during the "adult situations"