Normally, we don't get along so well (see Reasons Why My Mother-in-Law and I Do Not Get Along) but this past weekend actually went well
  1. The kids were there
    God bless my nieces and nephew. Almost all of the focus was on them during our visit, so we didn't get asked as many questions
  2. My mother-in-law is taking a lot of painkillers
    She has been dealing with leg, foot, and back pain since July that had severely limited her mobility and she's on a lot of drugs. It's terrible, and I genuinely wish she wasn't feeling this way, but our relationship has greatly improved while she has been taking the drugs 😬
  3. The weather was nice
    This was literally my first trip to Austin at a holiday time where the weather was pleasant. We were in shorts in November! It was lovely.
  4. We interacted with other people
    Their neighbors had a party on Wednesday and we all went and OMG hanging out with non-family members is the best thing you can do
  5. The food
    We ate our way through the normal joints: Magnolia's, Rudy's BBQ, Maudie's, and Texas Honey Ham. Plus my SIL and I made a hell of a Thanksgiving dinner. Clear plates, full bellies, can't lose.
  6. The wine
    My BIL came through in the clutch and picked up so many bottles of wine. My SIL is pregnant and my MIL is on painkillers, so more for me! 🍷🍷🍷🍷