I didn't post on here for awhile and my recent lists have been a little whomp-whomp, so here are some things that happened today that made me smile
  1. Crunchy leaves on this morning's walk
    Disclaimer: not an actual picture from my walk
  2. Eating Dybsky Dip
    It's an extended family dip recipe. I'll have to post the recipe on here sometime (think lots of cheese and LOTS of meat). It's terrible for you but it's SO GOOD!
  3. Watching a neighbor go out to his yard, pick up his Trump/Pence sign, and put it in the trash
    This gives me hope
  4. The weather finally stopped being 80 degrees and it feels like fall
    Not sweating as I walk to my car is a delightful treat
  5. I got to spend some quality time with my husband
    This does not happen as often now that he started classes for his Masters in addition to working, so I savor it when it does occur
  6. We're getting pizza for dinner tonight!
  7. There is a lot of bad stuff out in the world right now. And I'm not saying we should ignore it, because that's not the answer. But I think today was a good mental health day for me to just retreat into our home, eat some great food, watch some terrible football (Notre Dame 💔), and just be content for awhile.
  8. Have a good weekend, everyone!