Sports Teams I Root For

Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    Won a national football championship the year I was born, I went to my first game at two weeks old, and I spent a lot of my childhood there. My dad and older brother also went there, and it's where I met my husband. Love thee, Notre Dame!
  2. Minnesota Wild
    Love them. Just so much. I always hope that this is the year we finally win the Cup, and I think we might actually have a chance this year. Also, hockey players always have the best names.
  3. Minnesota Twins
    These boys have broken my heart so many times, but I still love them. I remember going to games in the god awful Metrodome and watching Chuck Knoblauch complete lose his ability to throw from second base. Shout out to their glorious new ballpark (it's so pretty!) and to Joe Mauer for awakening my sexuality.
  4. Minnesota Gophers
    Grew up in Minnesota, so this was the closest college to actually watch on TV or in person regularly. Not proud of the football team's conduct 😬 but the volleyball team and hockey team always give me hope!
  5. St. Louis Cardinals
    I came into this one through marriage. Husband is a hardcore Cardinals fan. I don't mind them, as I have a tiny crush on Matt Carpenter.
  6. St. Louis Blues (as long as they aren't playing the Wild)
    Another team-through-marriage. A classmate of mine used to play for them, which made them more fun to watch, but he plays for the Penguins now, and I just can't support that.