1. My husband and I have a mountain of t-shirts left over from college, and we probably wear maybe 10% of them
  2. However, we love them and didn't want to get rid of them
    Totally normal to be that attached to articles of clothing, right?
  3. Anyway, we decided to get one of those t-shirt quilts made by Project Repat
    Shoutout to the 30% off coupon code that made this dream come true
  4. It turns out we had enough t-shirts and sweatshirts for a king-size quilt 😳
  5. Here she is, in almost all of her glory (I couldn't fit all of the quilt in the shot)
    Also I'm sure whomever made our quilt thought we were the most obnoxious people ever
  6. Here are a few of my favorite ones
    And yes, I took all of these pictures as I am cuddled underneath the quilt
  7. Static
    USC jokes are ALWAYS funny
  8. Static
    Fun fact: my husband's dorm was built as temporary housing years ago, so they built it in a manner that would make it easy to tear down.... it still exists, forty years later 😬
  9. Static
    I always giggle at this one
  10. Static
    This was my brother's sweatshirt (not sure he knew I had it, whoops!) and I love that they couldn't fit the E on this square
  11. Static
    This is the (front of) first t-shirt I ever designed. Every hall got tshirts each year that you're supposed to wear to pep rallies and stuff. I designed our dorm shirt and our Frosh-o (freshman orientation) shirts for a few years and loved it
  12. Static
    This was my favorite sweatshirt for YEARS and I can totally still hide something in that little bit of pocket that they attached. Score!
  13. Static
    ND has student boxing programs (Bengal Bouts for the guys, Baraka Bouts for the gals) that raise proceeds for schools and orphanages in Bangladesh. They're a huge deal each year and the husband participated a few times. Getting buff for charity? 😍😍😍
  14. Static
    One of many ROTC shirts on this quilt
  15. And finally...