Sorry, not trying to sound like a therapist. Mine is awkward and detailed below and I'm curious if anyone else out there deals with similar issues.
  1. My parents are alive and well, but we have a weird relationship (at least compared to everyone else I know and their parents)
  2. We never talk about anything important, I hide any and all serious things from them, and my family does not hug. Like ever.
  3. When I was growing up, I never had any sort of important talk with them about "big issues." Like my mom gave me a book to explain my period and we never spoke of it again. And they never gave me a sex talk; I just figured it out on my own
  4. On the outside, everyone thinks we are a perfect family. My dad has an incredibly good job and was able to pay for college for all of us kids and we all went to really good schools. None of us ever got into serious trouble for anything and we were all varsity athletes and all that annoying shit
    I'm grateful for all the financial support over the years, I really am.
  5. But I'd say I don't particularly like them a solid 55% of the time
    Is that terrible of me?
  6. My older brother has practically no relationship with them
    Even though he lives 15 minutes from them
  7. And my younger brother, the clearly favorite child, is still kind of close with them but is slowly starting to see that our upbringing wasn't particularly healthy
    There were varying levels of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse in our childhood. Honestly, we should have probably gotten therapy at some point but, at least for now, us kids are alright.
  8. So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has strained relationships with their parents?
    I mean, I know people do (obviously), but do you have tension with them and there was never one big catalyst or event in your life to make it that way? Like it's just always been awkward?
  9. And if so, are you at peace with it? Do you feel guilty? Do you have to explain to them that what they did in the past or how they behave now is not normal or healthy?
  10. If you do have a good relationship with your parents, how do you think you made that happen? Did it come naturally or was it work?
  11. I feel like this sums it up well