Inspired by @ashleyanwiler
  1. My love of the "16 & Pregnant" series and its spinoffs
    I just can't look away. It's fascinating to me.
  2. The fact that I stay at home even though we don't have kids
    Military husband + moving every 14 months does not create an environment conducive to my career. It sucks but my life with him is worth it.
  3. My vehement belief that kids should not wear floaties or life jackets when swimming
    False sense of security, folks!
  4. My love of rewatching movies
    It's comforting and I like it, so deal with it
  5. My religious beliefs
    Like @ashleyanwiler who inspired this list, I'm Catholic and I love it, but I disagree with a lot of things the Church says. Maybe this means I'm not a "true Catholic" but I really don't care
  6. My obsession with TripAdvisor
    The answer to almost any question can be found on that website
  7. What I'm always doing on my phone
    Usually or Instagram
  8. Why we don't have kids
    I don't really feel the need to explain this, but we certainly get enough questions about it 😐
  9. My joy when a movie I love is on TV even though I own it on DVD
    It makes no sense and I'm fine with it.
  10. My annoyance at the assumption that parents always have their children's best interests at heart
    There are plenty of great people out there who had terrible parents. Don't assume that their parents are responsible for their awesomeness
  11. My constant suggestion of Mexican food
    It's the best and I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and be happy
  12. My husband's love of incredibly inappropriate toasts
    It's a Navy thing