1. People who don't check their mail
    Getting mail is the best thing ever! Bills are basically all online now, so mail consists of the good stuff: magazines, catalogues, Christmas cards, pizza coupons, etc. NO EXCUSES!
  2. Tinder
    Granted, I was already married when Tinder came upon the scene, but isn't the proximity thing awkward? Like don't you ever walk by someone and you're like "Fuuuuuck I totally right-swiped that guy and he must have left-swiped me OMG SO AWK!"
  3. People who give their kids kreatyve spellings
    I have high school acquaintances whose children have names spelled like someone who just took Hooked on Phonics. It's terrible and stupid and it puts their kid at such a disadvantage. A trivial disadvantage? Absolutely. But it's just stupid; your kid can still be unique if their name is John or Beth or whatever. Half of these people just treat their kid like a goddamn accessory too; don't even get me started on that.
  4. People who suck at their jobs but don't get fired
    Like... Why? Isn't that supposed to be one of the beautiful things about this country? 🇺🇸 People who are good at their jobs should get rewarded; people who suck at their jobs should be punished and fired. Why doesn't that happen more often?
  5. Friday Night Lights
    I KNOW I'm apparently a terrible person for not loving this show. I saw a few episodes and I cannot fathom the obsession.
  6. James Franco
    I have no words.
  7. Let me hear how the rest of y'all feel!