My husband is now an associate professor in the ROTC unit at a small private college in the Midwest. When we first found out we were moving here, we were a bit like 😳, but now that we are here, we're like 😎
  1. Housing is crazy cheap.
    The rental opportunities weren't abundant, but we were able to buy a killer 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with a killer yard that backs up to a creek for $145K. It needs cosmetic updates, but nothing major. AMAZING! And we're 2.5 miles from my husband's office but not surrounded by student houses. It's glorious.
  2. Drinking holidays are celebrated by everyone.
    St. Paddy's Day is a big deal in my family (suuuuper Irish family) and we could actually celebrate it here! The town painted itself green for the big day. Were people capitalizing on stupid, drunk college students? You bet their ass they were. But everyone benefitted from it!
  3. Everyone is so damn nice.
    Seriously. People WAVE at you as you drive or walk by. They ask about your day. My neighbor is currently mowing my lawn since my husband is off saving the world right now. And we didn't even have to ask him; he just started doing it after Husband left. It's wonderful!
  4. Since it's a college town, the essentials are here.
    We have a wonderful grocery store, a Chipotle, lots of bars, some great Chinese/Indian/Thai/Mexican food options. We've got everything we need.
  5. Everyone knows everyone and can recommend someone to you.
    I joined the town Facebook group and holy crap, what a goldmine! I got recommendations for plumbers, tree trimmers, etc. in a heartbeat! I found out about the weekly concerts in the town park and the weekly summer movie night at the town pool.
  6. There is a drive-in movie theater.
    And it's awesome. They paint billboards for each movie that they're showing. The Captain America: Civil War poster was beautiful.